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Make solar assessment accessible for everyone, on any platform, at any time.

Based on SolView’s proprietary technology, the Solar Estimator is a platform for instant rooftop solar analysis. Type in an address – get an estimate.

Analysis is based on proprietary algorithms for aerial imagery analysis, and data fusion with local utility rates and incentives, as well as weather information and sun path maps. Every analyzed home shows virtual system layout, estimated production, costs, and even the financial Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

Analysis results are formatted to support targeted marketing, personalize customer approach and generate proposals.

  • …and it’s all in the cloud. No software required – all information is accessible online and also through SolView’s API.

Harness the power of analytics to personalize customer approach!

Instant assessment

Eliminates the long cycle of the initial assessment process
solar assessment in one click!

Comprehensive analysis

showing costs, savings and panels visualization
make informed decisions based on real metrics

Unbiased broker

of information: we'll tell you if you're good for solar
…and we’ll also tell you if you’re not

Generate proposals!

and share with customer on-site - analytics already inside!
simple, quick and professional