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Based on SolView’s single address Solar Estimator, the Virtual Canvasser is an online platform that allows for simultaneous review of thousands of properties, both residential and commercial, throughout vast areas. Each property is individually analyzed, and results are sorted and visualized according to different solar and financial parameters.

Solar companies use SolView’s analytics to better target prospective customers according to various solar and financial parameters, such as potential system size or layout, annual savings and expected Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and save on marketing and customer acquisition costs.

Virtual Canvasser Plus allows for the identification of rooftops that can accommodate a specific system layout, which may be cheaper and easier to install, saving on operational costs as well.

And it’s all in the cloud. No software required – all information is accessible online and also through SolView’s API.

Target your sales force with smart analytics!


Around half of all rooftops are not good for solar - we'll help you find the best prospects
…and avoid the bad ones.


Approach with customized proposals for thousands of customers
including the personal analysis of every address


Efforts according to expected profitability of the system, its expected size and layout
focus on the best!


Rates while reducing expenditure on customer acquisition and operations!
by intelligently targeting the right prospects