Here is an example of how easy it is to use our platform to boost your sales.  Just tell us where you want to do business and let us handle the rest!

Solview Targeted .jpg

1. Define Target Territory

Our platform lets you define the area YOU want to target.  

This level of control lets you pinpoint the exact geographic area you want to do business.

2. Analyze All Properties

Using our technology, we can simultaneously analyze MILLIONS of rooftops to see which ones are the best candidates for your business incorporating filters such as local weather, maximum system size, shading, utility rates, financial incentives, geocoding, roof direction and panel configuration.

solview analyzed rooftops.jpg

3. Boost Conversions

After the analysis, we can dramatically boost your sales conversions by showing you which opportunities will have the BEST FIT for installing solar power based on the customer's search credentials. 

This ability to filter opportunities can save companies as much as 80% on unfocused campaigns such as door-to-door, billboards, television and even web advertising.

4. Scale and Streamline Approach

Using our platform, you will receive a customized proposal for each prospect. 

After identifying which roofs are most likely to convert, all that's left is for you to contact them.