Target an area - pinpoint the best opportunities

Virtual Canvasser lets you review MILLIONS of both residential and commercial properties all over the globe.

Each property is individually analyzed, and results are sorted and visualized according to different solar and financial parameters based on the client's needs.

Use our analytics to pinpoint the best prospects.

Virtual Canvasser Plus identifies the rooftops that can accommodate specific system layouts, which means you can find the prospects that have the cheapest and easiest roofs to install on. 

And it’s all in the cloud. No software required – all information is accessible online and also through SolView’s API.

So while we can’t guarantee you’ll win every piece of business, we can ensure that every piece of business you pursue is technologically vetted and qualified. Saving you up to 80% on your sales, marketing and operational time and costs.

Solar installation costs continue to decrease while the cost of client acquisition continues to skyrocket. To $3898 per 7kW system in 2017. That’s nearly a 40% rise since 2013 and it will continue to grow.
— GTM Research Solar Analyst Allison Mond

Target your sales force with smart analytics!



Barely a quarter of all rooftops are not good for solar - we'll help you find the best prospects and avoid the    bad ones



Approach with customised proposals for thousands of customers. Including the personalized analysis of every address



Efforts according to expected profitability of the system, it's expected size and layout. Focus on the best!



Rates while reducing expenditure on customer acquisition and operations. By intelligently targeting the right prospects