Massive Scale Intelligent Data Analytics

Our AI and intuitive data analytics make business simple.

SolView provides massive scale intelligent data analytics for residential and commercial real estate. Our global capacity supports clients on multiple continents with millions of rooftops studied worldwide. As our name predicts, the company’s origins began with a concentration on the private and municipal solar industries but now includes insurance, resinsurance and broader real estate services. Regardless of your sector, SolView’s patented and award-winning technology can radically increase your knowledge base for greater effectiveness, customer success and profitability.



SolView analyzes the solar potential for residential and commercial rooftops around the world while incorporating client-specific search credentials such as local weather, roof size, roof direction, shading, utility rates and financial incentives via our Virtual Canvasser platform. The result is mass quantities of customized and technologically vetted data for customer-tailored opportunities without the need for expensive and unfocused sales and marketing campaigns like direct mailers, billboards, television, radio and even social media.  Our platform also supports public and private utilities with the creation and integration of Virtual Power Plants (VPP). 



Solar equipment and installation expenses continue to plummet, yet customer acquisition costs continue to soar. You try websites, billboards, online media and lead companies but they don’t solve your problem. That’s because they aren’t the solution.

The obstacle isn’t social. Or marketing. Or even sales. Its physical. Once you recognize that more than 70% of single-family homes aren’t solar compatible or genuine due to roof size, roof direction, tree shading or simply without a beneficial return on investment, you’ll also start to appreciate how your time and resources are being misused.  But don’t worry, we can help! 


Target an area - pinpoint the best opportunities

Virtual Canvasser lets you review MILLIONS of both residential and commercial properties all over the globe.

Each property is individually analyzed, and results are sorted and visualized according to different solar and financial parameters based on the client's needs.

Use our analytics to pinpoint the best prospects.

And it’s all in the cloud. No software required – all information is accessible online and also through SolView’s API.

Saving you up to 80% on your sales, marketing and operational time and costs.


Solar installation costs continue to decrease while the cost of client acquisition continues to skyrocket. To $3898 per 7kW system in 2017. That’s nearly a 40% rise since 2013.

-GTM Research Solar Analyst Allison Mond



With SolView you can purchase on-demand and tailored lead bundles to your exact needs and requirements. Dramatically reducing your customer acquisition costs and radically improving your closing rates.

Want to rollout a new zip code? A city? Or entire state? Want to make sure you only pursue the opportunities that best fit your business?

Here’s a sample request: At ABC Solar we want to take over the residential solar market for the Kansas City suburb of Lenexa, KS. Population ~55,000. But we only want to work with roof tops large enough to hold a 6kW system or better. We also don’t want any tree shading issues. And of course, we need roofs facing S, SE or SW. We’d also like to know the estimated IRR and contact information for each.

Upon receipt of your request, our intelligent data analytics will immediately search, scrutinize and produce the new data you need. We’re talking about days, not weeks and months.

All your leads will be qualified and technologically vetted per your client-specifications – GUARANTEED – or we’ll provide replacements. We can even include individual proposals for every qualifying property and insert your name and logo. 

Solview does both residential & commercial, domestic and international analysis.

Contact us today and purchase one of our customized low-cost introductory lead packages. Once you do, you’ll see why Solview is the global leader in solar client acquisition!

Target your sales force with smart analytics!



Less than 25% of rooftops are solar compatible. We'll help you find the best and avoid wasted time and resources



Develop a personalized approach with tailored analysis and customised proposals for thousands of customers addressess



Show costs, savings and panel visualization -make informed decisions based on real metrics


Reduce customer acquisition expenditures - sales and operational spends - by intelligently targeting the right prospects on the first attempt


Property Insurance & Reinsurance.


SolView globally targets and scrutinizes millions of both residential and commercial properties identifying client-selected and time-sensitive attributes such as swimming pools, trampolines, chimneys, attached and detached structures, roof shading, adjacent tree canopies and more. The result is accurate and studied data, independent of customer statement and costly onsite visits, dramatically reducing the speculation associated with underwriting risk and premium evaluation thus improving the operational efficiency and profitability of the company.


Real Estate Technology and Investment.

SolView provides intelligent data analysis for properties located anywhere on earth while integrating an endless list of client-determined scan attributes and filters. Our platform then processes and creates new and rich information that produces a unique competitive advantage for real estate investment vehicles and real estate management industries.  

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SolView’s platform is based on patented technology in image analysis and computer vision. Our innovative online platform analyzes and extracts structural and terra attributes from standard aerial imagery, performing data fusion with a nearly endless list of customer-specific credentials on a global scale.

  • Massive scale intelligent data analytics

  • For use with residential, industrial and commercial buildings

  • Patented and award-winning technology

  • Tested and endorsed by the the US and Israeli Depts of Energy

  • Embedding Deep Learning Technology

  • Millions of rooftops analyzed on multiple continents with global scalability

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Established in 2013, SolView was originated by Founder and CEO Ofer Sadka with initial investments from the firm Capital Nature as well as the Israeli Innovation Authority. 

Solview's goal and mission is to bring high tech software and big data analytics to the solar industry and other related commerce. 

Our technology has received multiple awards and grants including endorsements from the United States and Israeli Departments of Energy. 

With offices in the United States and Israel, Tier 1 clients on multiple continents and millions of rooftops analyzed, SolView will continue to support companies, utilities and government agencies unlock the power of big data analytics and drive solar adoption on a global scale.





CEO and founder

Hi-tech executive with over 15 years’ experience in computer vision software. Previous positions include VP Customers for XTR3D, heading all commercial engagements with the company’s global partners such as Samsung, Intel, and TI. Prior, Ofer held engineering positions in Tiltan SE and NESS TSG. Ofer holds a BSc in Computer Engineering from the Technion and MBA from Tel-Aviv University.




VP Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing management executive with more than two decades and over a billion dollars of directed revenue experience spanning both the tech and renewables industries. Tenure building start-up organizations including the development of national as well as global distribution teams and strategies. Don has an undergraduate from the University of Wisconsin and studied his MBA at Northwestern.




VP Research and Development

Experienced R&D leader with over 15 years’ experience in managing R&D activities in computer vision, image processing, mapping and remote sensing. Previous positions include CTO at RepNUp, Algorithms and Software Groups manager at VisionMap and Algorithm Group leader at Elbit Systems. Alexander holds a M.Sc in Computer Science from the Weizmann Institute of Science.