SolView analyzes the solar potential for residential and commercial rooftops around the world while incorporating client-specific search credentials such as local weather, roof size, roof direction, shading, utility rates and financial incentives via our Virtual Canvasser tool. The result is mass quantities of customized and technologically vetted data for customer-tailored opportunities without the need for expensive and unfocused sales and marketing campaigns like direct mailers, billboards, television, radio and even social media.  Our platform also supports public and private utilities with the creation and integration of Virtual Power Plants (VPP). 


Solar installation costs continue to decrease while the cost of client acquisition continues to skyrocket. To $3898 per 7kW system in 2017. That’s nearly a 40% rise since 2013.

-GTM Research Solar Analyst Allison Mond


Solar equipment and installation expenses continue to plummet, yet customer acquisition costs continue to soar. You try websites, billboards, online media and lead companies but they don’t solve your problem. That’s because they aren’t the solution.

The obstacle isn’t social. Or marketing. Or even sales. Its physical. Once you recognize that more than 70% of single-family homes aren’t solar compatible or genuine due to roof size, roof direction, tree shading or simply without a beneficial return on investment, you’ll also start to appreciate how your time and resources are being misused.  But don’t worry, we can help! 

Target an area - pinpoint the best opportunities

Virtual Canvasser lets you review MILLIONS of both residential and commercial properties all over the globe.

Each property is individually analyzed, and results are sorted and visualized according to different solar and financial parameters based on the client's needs.

Use our analytics to pinpoint the best prospects.

Virtual Canvasser Plus identifies the rooftops that can accommodate specific system layouts, which means you can find the prospects that have the cheapest and easiest roofs to install on. 

And it’s all in the cloud. No software required – all information is accessible online and also through SolView’s API.

So while we can’t guarantee you’ll win every piece of business, we can ensure that every piece of business you pursue is technologically vetted and qualified. Saving you up to 80% on your sales, marketing and operational time and costs.

Target your sales force with smart analytics!



Less than 25% of rooftops are solar compatible. We'll help you find the best and avoid wasted time and resources



Develop a personalized approach with tailored analysis and customised proposals for thousands of customers addressess



Reduce customer acquisition expenditures for sales and operational spends by intelligently targeting the right prospects on the first attempt


Show costs, savings and panel visualization -make informed decisions based on real metrics