We make being a Smart City simple by providing municipalities massive scale data analytics to rapidly support sustainability and emission targets while also improving the economic health of the community. 

The collaborative platform first determines an area to analyze via postal code, geocode or address listing.

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We then scrutinize every rooftop in that area by incorporating client-specific and time-sensitive criteria such as weather, tree shading, roof direction, and even local, regional and national financial subsidies and incentives.


The output is a highly accurate and completely objective register of solar potential and financial return for every commercial and residential property in the city.

This newly created data is used to join residents, businesses and city resources to local installation options and seamlessly drive solar adoption to the economic benefit of the community. 

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The result is reduced energy costs for people in the area, increased profits and job creation for local installers and residents as well as increased renewable usage and positive economic impact for the city.


SolView is working with Smart Cities to create profitable programs that drive local renewable energy and economic growth around the world.

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About SolView

Established in 2013, SolView has analyzed millions of rooftops around the world with Smart City clients on multiple continents.