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Name: John Doe

Address 1: 123 Main St

Address 2: West Hartford, CT

Maximum System Size: 5.8kW

Return on Investment: 6.1 years

Annual Savings: $730.08

Lifetime Savings: $16,421.23


Email: john.doe@gmail.com

Thank you!

An accredited installer will be contacting you immediately. In the meantime, know that you just helped support your local environment and economy. A few facts to consider:

  • According to the Environmental Defense Fund, global air pollution kills nearly 7 million people annually. Fossil fuel use is one of the largest creators of air pollution on earth

  • The solar industry is one of the fastest growing workforces in the nation. Unfortunately one of the greatest hurdles to greater growth is the cost of client acquisition. Programs like this reduce that expense by as much as 90%

  • Every residential installation in your local market not only creates jobs, its creates economic opportunity. One study showed that for every $1.00 invested in residential solar installations, the local economy benefits by $1.41